Theresa Urbainczyk

TU 410

I started working for the Journal in August 2017. Most of my working life has been spent in the School of Classics, University College Dublin where I rose through the ranks from College Lecturer to Professor. My fifth academic book recently came out in November 2017, 'Writing about Byzantium: the history of Niketas Choniates'.    

I was in UCD for 25 years which I think is long enough in any job and I was keen not to spend the rest of my life either in that post or that place so I took the step of leaving both. In the course of this I discovered why this is an unusual thing to do. It was extremely difficult. However taking the risk turned out to be even better than I'd hoped and one of the first strokes of luck was being employed on the Journal. Simply reading the articles has educated me in a new direction, and learning how the Journal is produced has been rewarding and enriching. I hope to keep writing myself but not academic books.