Plenary Speakers & Titles for Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo Plenary Presenters:

Iraci Galias: 'Marital fidelity and cultural prejudice' 

Andrew Samuels:
 'Individuals in Transition: Analysts, Patients, Children, Parents, Citizens'

Denise Ramos:
 'The Curse of the Oscar or the Shadow Side of Women´s Development'

Gustavo Barcellos: 'Alterity/ipseity and the fraternal archetype'

Francesco Bisagni: 'Digressions on the Fascist state of mind. Psychoanalytic perspectives on narcissism and ‘social-ism’'

Roberto Gambini:
 'The pursuit of inner liberation as the goal of the Jungian analysis'

Raya Jones: 'Archaic man ascends to the e-attic'

Victor Palomo: 'Orfeu da Conceição : the political function of Carnival'

Pablo Raydan
and Mireya Vargas: 'Civilization in Transition: A Latin American Perspective'

Mario Saiz
and Claudia Grez: 'The abandonment complex and its defensive modes in the imaginary space'

Marcus West:
 'Narcissism and individuation - clinical, cultural and political manifestations'

There will be 65 speakers in all, other presenters will be in breakout sessions; Presenters will present in pairs, including plenary speakers