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Mar 27, 2019

Fordham Prizewinner - Geraldine Godsil

We are delighted to announce that this year's winner of the Michael Fordham Prize for the best clinical paper of 2018 was won by Geraldine Godsil for her outstanding paper, 'Residues in the analyst of the patient's symbiotic connection at a somatic level: unrepresented states in the patient and analyst' (JAP vol. 63,1). For more information, to download the paper free of charge, and to watch Geraldine's original introduction of the paper click on her photograph above.

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Posted by: Scotch

Abstract: This paper discusses the residues of a somatic countertransference that revealed its meaning several years after apparently successful analytic work had ended. Psychoanalytic and Jungian analytic ideas on primitive communication, dissociation and enactment are explored in the working through of a shared respiratory symptom between patient and analyst. Growth in the analyst was necessary so that the patient's communication at a somatic level could be understood. Bleger's concept that both the patient's and analyst's body are part of the setting was central in the working through.
You can watch a brief video of Geraldine introducing her paper by following this link, and you can download the paper without charge here.