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We would like to offer you a warm welcome to our world wide Jungian Journal. The JAP is the leading international Jungian publication, renowned for its emphasis on the clinical practice of in-depth analysis and its exploration of the relationship between analytical psychology and psychoanalysis. It also addresses issues on the leading edge of philosophy, science, religion, and an understanding of the arts.

Clinical and theoretical articles, book and journal reviews, reflect international developments and current controversies in analytical psychology and Jungian thinking. Journal articles demonstrate the continuing development, relevance and vitality of Jungian thought.

Over the next few years we particularly want to reach out to our colleagues in South America, Australasia and Asia and will be holding conferences and colloquia there, as well as publishing special editions of the Journal.

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Editorial Board

Ann Addison (UK)
Arthur Niesser (Europe)
Nora Swan-Foster (North America)

Deputy Editors:

Amanda Dowd 
John Merchant 

Managing Editor:
Jane Turney

The editorial board includes leading analysts from the UK, Europe, North America, Australia, China, Russia and Latin America, in collaboration with Jungian analysts from around the world.



Latest News

New Editors

Ann Addison and Arthur Niesser will be the new Co-Editors-in-Chief for the UK and Europe along with Nora Swan-Foster in the USA, now that Marcus West has completed his term of office. We look forward to this new phase of the Journal's development. 

Michael Fordham Prize 2021

We are also delighted to announce that Antonio de Rienzo has won the Michael Fordham Prize for 2021 with his paper, 'The Day the Clock Stopped. Primitive states of unintegration, multidimensional working through and the birth of the analytical subject'. The Prize is awarded to the paper which demonstrates the most creative and original approach to clinical analytical thinking that was published in the Journal of Analytical Psychology in that year. His introduction to the paper can be seen through the dedicated page on our website.

New Videos on Clinical Writing

In order to encourage and assist you in writing papers for the Journal we have commissioned videos from Warren Colman, Mark Winborn and Suzi Naiburg, who have generously given their thoughts on clinical writing. They can be found on our Resources page, along with a brief video introduction from Deputy Editor, Amanda Dowd.




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Blog Articles

Jan 29, 2022 |
News, About a paper,  |

We are very pleased to let you know that three of the papers published in this Journal were shortlisted for National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis’ Gravida awards, and that Christopher Carter’s paper, "Time for space at the table: an African American-Native American analyst-in-training's first-hand reflections. A call for the IAAP to publicly denounce (but not erase) the White supremacist writings of C.G. Jung", won the Student Paper award (it was published in the Journal of Analytical Psychology [Vol. 66, No. 1; February 2021]). We are very pleased that Christopher’s important paper has been recognised in this way; he has prepared a short video by way of introduction and our publishers, Wiley, have made the paper free to download.

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Nov 25, 2021 |
New Editions, About a paper,  |

In his 1920 foreword in Psychological Types, Jung writes:

This book is the fruit of nearly twenty years’ work in the domain of practical psychology … the psychological views presented in this book are of wide significance and application, and are therefore better treated in a general frame of reference than left in the form of a specialized scientific hypothesis (Jung 1921, p. xi).

Some would say ... (click on picture for full blog)


Jun 17, 2020 |
News,  |

The outrage and grief that has reverberated around the globe following George Floyd’s death has been marked by the breath-filled voices and somber kneeling in heartfelt expression for justice by a courageous, diverse, and committed movement. The protesters expect nothing less than effective and long-lasting change ...

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