Crossing Borders

Clinical, Theoretical, Cultural and Political Implications in our Changing World

11-14 April 2024

Co-sponsored by The Society of Analytical Psychology and the University of Essex

A warm welcome to our spring conference which will be held at the University of Essex and online in April 2024.  

Thursday 11 April: our 4-day programme begins with a day focussing on cultural complexes and race which will be led by Christopher Jerome Carter (US), Helen Morgan (UK) and Elizabeth Brodersen (GER). The day will begin with presentations from our 3 speakers and, in the afternoon, attendees will be able to join 2 out of 3 workshops facilitated by our speakers. This promises to be a rich, engaging and challenging experience.

Friday 12 April: our focus is “Borders around identity: cultural expressions of trauma”. There will be plenaries by Monica Luci (IT/UK), Karin Fleischer (ARG), and Andrew Samuels (UK) followed by breakout panels in the afternoon. 

Saturday 13 April: our attention moves to “Borders around identity: gender fluidity, self in culture” with plenaries by Robert Tyminski (US) and Jay Barlow (UK) followed by breakout panels in the afternoon.

Sunday 14 April:  Our final conference day brings plenaries by Murray Stein (US/CH) and Leslie Stein (US/AU) under the umbrella theme of “Borders around identity: working within and across different faiths”. 

From Friday to Sunday, each day will start with a social dreaming matrix. Join us for cocktails on Friday night, and a conference dinner on Saturday night. 

Register your place at the conference now, and see the full programme and venue and accommodation information. 


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