Previous Recipients of the Michael Fordham Prize

Sue Austin 2016
Working with chronic and relentless self-hatred, self-harm and existential shame: a clinical study and reflections (Paper 1 of 2)
(Vol. 60:2) Abstract

Salvatore Martini 2016
'Embodying analysis: the body and the therapeutic process'
(Vol. 60:3) Abstract

Robert Withers 2015
The seventh penis: towards effective psychoanalytic work with pre-surgical transsexuals
(Vol. 60:3) Abstract

Robert Tyminski 2015
Lost in (cyber)space: finding two adolescent boys hiding from their own humanity
(Vol. 60:2) Abstract

Richard Carvalho 2014
Synchronicity, the infinite unrepressed, dissociation and the interpersonal
(Vol. 59:3) Abstract

Christian Maier 2014
Intersubjectivity and the creation of meaning in the analytic process
(Vol 59:5) Abstract

Elena Pourtova 2013
Nostalgia and lost identity
(Vol. 58:1) Abstract

Martin Schmidt 2012
Psychic skin: psychotic defences, borderline process and delusions
(Vol 57: 1) Abstract

Marica Rytovaara 2010
The transcendent function in adolescence: miracle cures and bogeymen
(Vol 55: 2) Abstract

Christopher MacKenna 2009
From the numinous to the sacred
(Vol 54: 2) Abstract

Richard Carvalho 2008
The final challenge: ageing, dying, individuation
(Vol. 53:1) Abstract 

Jean Knox
Fear of love: the denial of self in relationship
(Vol. 52:5) Abstract

Francois Martin-Vallas 2006
The transferential chimera: a clinical approach
(Vol. 51:5) Abstract

Judith Woodhead 2004
‘Dialectical process’ and ‘constructive method’: micro-analysis of relational process in an example from parent-infant psychotherapy
(Vol. 49:2) Abstract

Marcus West 2004
Identity, narcissism and the emotional core
(Vol. 49:4) Abstract

Margaret Wilkinson 2003
Undoing trauma. Contemporary neuroscience: a Jungian clinical perspective
(Vol.48:2) Abstract

Gustav Bovensiepen 2002
Symbolic attitude and reverie: problems of symbolization in children and adolescents
(Vol. 47:2) Abstract

James Astor 2001
Is transference the ‘total situation’?
(Vol. 46:3) Abstract

Mara Sidoli 2000
The little puppet: working with autistic defences in mother/infant psychotherapy
(Vol. 45:2) Abstract

Hester Solomon 1998
The self in transformation: the passage from a two- to a three-dimensional internal world
(Vol. 43:2) Abstract

George Bright 1997
Synchronicity as a basis of analytic attitude
(Vol. 42:4) Abstract

Giles Clark 1996
The animating body: psychoid substance as a mutal experience of psychosomatic disorder
(Vol. 41:3). Abstract