Papers available

The current Michael Fordham Prizewinning paper(s) are available, without charge, by following this link. The abstracts for all Fordham Prizewinning papers are available through the page on this website.

David Tacey's review of the Fay Lecture Series is available here.

We will, from time to time, be making other papers available free of charge.


We currently have videos of our Berlin conference, video introductions from authors relating to the papers they have published, and videos related to our blog. Please also click on the appropriate buttons on our main menu.

We are also pleased to offer videos to inform and support your process of writing clinical papers for the Journal.

We also have videos of interviews with distinguished Jungian colleagues:

John Beebe

Murray Stein

Ladson Hinton

George Hogenson

Other resources

Please visit our blog for information about forthcoming editions, further information about papers, conferences and so forth.

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