Amanda Dowd


The Journal has always represented for me a place to meet with other minds and, in internal conversation with them, to learn from their journeys through theory and practice in the formulation of my own ideas, language and practice. I am therefore delighted to be able to contribute to this ongoing project in the role of Deputy Editor of the Journal as we work towards expanding the Journal’s international reach and encouraging the wider participation of analyst-writers within our scattered and diverse community. My personal aims are to contribute to raising awareness of the cultural embeddedness of our theory and practice and to further the Journal’s ethos of supporting clinical writing where theory is grounded in practice in an atmosphere of engaged, inclusive, respectful and thoughtful questioning.






Amanda Dowd is a British-born migrant to Australia who spent her adolescent and University years in Christchurch, New Zealand where she studied ecology, ancient history and religious studies. She has extensive publishing experience in both London and Sydney and completed her psychoanalytic training in Australia with the Australia and New Zealand Society of Jungian Analysts (ANZSJA). She is a Training Analyst with a private psychoanalytic practice comprising people from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities located in the eastern suburbs of Sydney.

Amanda’s theoretical orientation is developmental and relational and her thinking comes out of a background of migration and working in the southern hemisphere within a post-colonial and migrant cultural context. Her particular interests are trauma, the formation of mind, self, identity and cultural identity, and the vicissitudes of the interrelationships between psyche and place, person and culture. She has lectured and published widely on these themes both locally and internationally. Her book Placing Psyche: Exploring Cultural Complexes in Australia, co-edited with Dr Craig San Roque and Dr David Tacey, was published in 2011 by Spring Journal Books.

Other Publications include:

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