Previous conferences

The Journal has hosted regular international conferences since 1996. Previous conferences have been held in USA, Canada, UK, Mexico and Europe.

Recent conferences were held at Lake Orta in Italy in May 2008 on the theme of ‘Tradition and Creativity: Reframing Analysis for a Changing World’, San Francisco in May 2009 on the theme of ‘The Transcendent Function Today: Analysis, Imagination and Psychic Transformation’, in St. Petersburg in May 2010 on the theme of ‘The Ancestors in Personal, Professional and Social History’, and in Boston in April 2013 on the theme of ‘Attachment and Intersubjectivity’. 

In May 2014, a conference was held in Berlin on the theme of ‘Varieties of Jungian Clinical Experience: Complex, Identity, Intersubjectivity’. Videos of four talks given at this conference by Professor Andrew Samuels, Professor Verena Last, Sue Austin and Dr. Hessel Willemsen are available on this website - click here.

In March 2015, The Journal celebrarted its 60th anniversary with a conference ‘Reflections on Jungian Clinical Practice: from Then till Now (1955-2015)’. Papers from this conference have been published in the September 2015 issue (vol. 60. no. 4) of the Journal. 

In April 2017 the Journal held a conference in New York on the theme: 'Dissociation: Trauma and the Self'. Papers from this conference were published in the September and November 2017 issues (vol. 62. No. 4 & vol. 62. no. 5).


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