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May 15, 2018 |
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Martin Stone introduces the JAP Special Edition on the 'Who is my Jung?' Conference, originally held in November 2017. This Special Edition of the Journal, published in June 2018, includes all but one of the papers from this very successful conference. Martin gives an introduction, a brief history of the conference and an outline of the edition - click here for his video.

Apr 3, 2018 |
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We are delighted to announce that Monica Luci has won the Michael Fordham Prize 2018 for her important paper on working with refugees, entitled, 'Disintegration of the self and the regeneration of 'psychic skin' in the treatment of traumatised refugees'. The paper was published in the Journal of Analytical Psychology in April 2017 (vol. 62, 2). It can be downloaded free, until 2019, from the publisher’s website by clicking on the link on the following page.

Click on Monica's picture above for more information about the Fordham Prize, the abstract of the paper, as well as a link to a video of Monica introducing her paper.  

Feb 5, 2018 |
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Stefan Gullatz and Matt Gildersleeve offer some background to their paper in the February 2018 edition and suggest some unmissable videos for anyone interested in the field.

To elaborate a little on the context of this paper: Matt Gildersleeve from the University of Queensland, Brisbane, approached me in 2016 with a suggestion to co-operate on a paper on Jung and Lacan. As we had both previously published in the same area - a bifocal view of Jungian and Lacanian theory - I soon warmed to the idea ...

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