Jane Turney - Managing Editor

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Jane Turney

Jane Turney has worked for more than 20 years as a journalist, writing for daily and weekly newspapers and websites, and editing lifestyle magazines. She has also worked in PR, TV research and produced radio packages.

Her lifelong interest in human potential and consciousness has been pursued through formal and informal study including a B.A. in Psychology (1986). Jane worked as a research assistant for author and scientist, Rupert Sheldrake, for four years, exploring various facets of consciousness. She was director of Alternatives, St James’, Piccadilly, London’s renowned platform for talks and events on wellbeing, personal development and spiritual inquiry, and worked as the Principal Officer of the Society for Analytical Psychology from 2006-2014.

Jane was the Managing Editor of the Journal of Analytical Psychology from 2014-2017 and resumed the role again in September 2019.  She continues to write freelance articles on health and wellbeing, and also sees clients as a Life Alignment energy psychology practitioner, working on people, spaces and organisations.