John Beebe, First U.S. Editor JAP

"This journal has repeatedly demonstrated an ability to grow with the times, illuminating not only what analytical psychology has been as a discipline but also how it may continue to develop to serve the psyche responsibly and well"

Jean Knox, Former JAP Editor-in-Chief

"The JAP plays a unique role in the Jungian community, keeping practising clinicians up to date with contemporary research in the arts and sciences and providing stimulating discussion on the theory and practice of analytical psychology today”

Marianne Müller, President of the IAAP

"This important scientific review continually stimulates vital debate for members of the International Association of Analytical Psychology and all those interested in Jungian thought on key issues of Analytical Psychology, its further development, renewal and refinement"

A Warm Welcome to the Journal of Analytical Psychology

Editorial Board

Marcus West (UK) 
Tom Kelly (North America)
Deputy Editors
Eduardo Carvallo (South America)

Amanda Dowd (Australasia)
Managing Editor:
Theresa Urbainczyk

Our new editorial structure, with deputy editors in South America and Australasia, reflects our aim to work more closely with colleagues in the Southern Hemisphere.

The editorial board includes leading analysts from the UK, Europe, North America, Australia and Latin America, in collaboration with Jungian analysts from around the world.

Journal Conferences

The Journal conferences are known for their particular focus on clinical work. They give an opportunity for analysts from all trainings and from all parts of the world to come together to share ideas, explore our work, and to get to know each other better. 

Latin American Conference 2020


We are very pleased to announce the XVth JAP conference in São Paolo, South America from July 30th - August 2nd 2020 on the theme of 'Civilisation in Transition - Clinical, Social and Academic Perspectives'. For further information click here.
Call For Papers, in English, Portuguese & Spanish follow this link.


One-Day Conference: 'Displacement - Contemporary Traumatic Experience'

November 9th 2019, 9.30am - 4.30pm, Friends House, London


This conference will explore the relationship between our selves and the environments we inhabit. Inner and outer worlds are generally considered through different disciplines and fields of knowledge, but the experience of refugees highlights the need to consider them simultaneously, in order to understand more clearly their deep mutual influence. This complex ecosystem of relationships with our non-human environment has a bearing on us all.
We will look at how, and in what ways, displacement can be considered traumatic and disrupt our mental lives; how this relates to, and can be applied to our work, not only with refugees, but also with others in our therapeutic practices, and in ourselves. We will explore the issues linked to this foundational matrix in relation to migrants, refugees, therapy, language, dreams, politics, family, relational and cultural values and an unrepresented psychic void that can be transmitted over the generations if not addressed.
We will be exploring this important issue with Monica Luci, Ali Zabarfi and Amanda Dowd - for more details click here. Please ‘save the date’ and join us for this important conference!



An International Journal of Jungian Practice and Theory

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The Journal was founded by the Society of Analytical Psychology in 1955. Michael Fordham was our first editor and we are proud to host the annual Michael Fordham Prize for the best clinical paper in the Journal. The Journal is now available as an app for both tablet and smartphone.

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We have a few selected papers, videos of the editors, videos from past conferences, and other resources available on this page.

Blog Articles

Jul 17, 2019 |
News,  |

We are very pleased to be able to present the video of the Interview with Murray Stein, conducted by Jan Wiener, in our series of interviews with prominent Jungian figures. The interview was conducted in Murray's consulting room in Zurich in Autumn 2018 and is also available ...

Jun 4, 2019 |
News, Conferences,  |

We are very pleased to announce our XVth JAP conference and our first to be held in Latin America, organised with our colleagues in SBrPA, AJB & CLAPA. The title of the conference is: 'Civilisation in Transition - Clinical, Social and Academic Perspectives'. It will be held in Sao Paulo from July 30th to August 2nd 2020. The title is inspired by Volume 10 of Jung's Collected Works, 'Civilisation in Transition' ... 

Mar 27, 2019 |
News, About a paper,  |

We are delighted to announce that this year's winner of the Michael Fordham Prize for the best clinical paper of 2018 was won by Geraldine Godsil for her outstanding paper, 'Residues in the analyst of the patient's symbiotic connection at a somatic level: unrepresented states in the patient and analyst' (JAP vol. 63,1). For more information, to download the paper free of charge, and to watch Geraldine's original introduction of the paper click on her photograph above.