Antonio de Rienzo, Michael Fordham Prizewinner 2021

Michael Fordham Prizewinner 2021

We are delighted to announce that Antonio de Rienzo has won the Michael Fordham Prize for 2021 with his paper, 'The Day the Clock Stopped. Primitive states of unintegration, multidimensional working through and the birth of the analytical subject'. The Prize is awarded to the paper which demonstrates the most creative and original approach to clinical analytical thinking that was published in the Journal of Analytical Psychology in that year.
The Journal Editorial Committee felt that the paper demonstrated creativity, subtlety, and a great use and understanding of countertransference in working through primitive and unintegrated states. The paper integrates theory and important clinical phenomena with great clarity, and the Committee felt it was a significant contribution to the field in working in such a challenging area.

The paper was published in the Journal of Analytical Psychology in April 2021, Volume 66, no. 2, pages 260-280. The paper will shortly be made available free of charge from the publisher's website.


Antonio de Rienzo

Antonio here introduces his paper - click on the image to follow the link to our YouTube site.

In due course we will also make a video presentation of his paper available on this site.