The Michael Fordham Prize

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Michael Fordham was one of the founder members of the Society of Analytical Psychology and was pivotal in its instigation and development. He was director of both the adult and child trainings at various times and was also one of the editors of Jung’s Collected Works. He was also the inspiration behind the Journal of Analytical Psychology and was its first editor, a position he held for fifteen years from 1955

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The Michael Fordham Prize is awarded annually for the paper published in the JAP in the previous year that demonstrates the most creative and original approach to clinical analytic thinking. The prize of £250 is awarded by the Editors in consultation with the Journal Editorial Committee. Michael Fordham believed that clinical work must always be at the heart of analytic thinking since it provides the data on which theory is based and the context in which it must be tested. The prize aims to promote this approach to the development of analytical psychology.

The Editors will be looking for the paper that most closely meets the following criteria:

• An original contribution to the field of analytical psychology.
• A topic of direct relevance to the clinical work of practising analysts.
• Substantial, detailed clinical material that is central to the paper’s argument.
• A close interplay between the clinical material and theoretical discussion so that the clinical data supports the theory (and vice versa) rather than being determined by the theory in a ‘theory-driven’ way.

Papers do not necessarily need to utilise Fordham’s own theoretical perspective but should demonstrate an attitude of open, rigorous, research-minded enquiry. The prize will be awarded following publication of the November issue of the Journal and will be announced in the April edition of the following year.

For details of current prizewinners and previous prizewinners see the relevant pages on this site.