Introductory Videos

Nathalie Pilard introduces her paper, 'C.G. Jung and intuition: from the minds cape of the paranormal to the heart of psychology'. It is available free, as are all other papers from the February 2018 edition, until February 2019 - follow the link on the main page of this site.


Georgije Vuletic introduces us to his paper, 'Disrupted narrative and narrative symbol', from
the February 2018 edition of the Journal.


George Hogenson gives his unique insight into the theory of archetypes and introduces his paper, 'The controversy around the concept of archetypes', published in the November 2019 edition of the JAP.



Monica Luci introduces her paper, 'Displacement as trauma and trauma as displacement in the experience of refugees', which is published in the April 2020 edition of the Journal of Analytical Psychology, and was first presented at the Journal's conference on Displacement in London in November 2019.



Geraldine Godsil discusses her paper, 'Residues in the analyst of the patient's symbiotic connection at a somatic level: unrepresented states in the patient and the analyst', which won the Fordham prize for 2018.


Martin Stone introduces the JAP Special Edition (June 2018) on the 'Who is my Jung?' conference, held in November 2017 at the British Library, London to mark the Association of Jungian Analyst's 40th Anniversary.


Philip Kime challenges the mainstream understanding of synchronicity in this introduction to his paper published in the JAP November 2019, entitled, 'Synchronicity and meaning'.

Giedre Boulotiene

Giedre Bulotiene introduces her paper, 'Archetypal Images Emerging in the Therapy of Lithuanian Cancer Patients' , published in the Journal of Analytical Psychology, April 2020.  



William Alexy gives us the background to his paper, 'The analyst's Rorschach: gateway to opening the dialectical field'


Robert Tyminski introduces his paper, 'Apocalyptic themes in times of trouble: when young men are deeply alienated'. This paper is published in JAP February 2020 and was first presented at the IAAP Congress in Vienna in 2019.

Marcus West and the Rosarium

Marcus West introduces his paper, 'Self, other and individuation: resolving narcissism through the lunar and solar paths of the Rosarium'. This paper was published in the February 2020 edition of the JAP and was first presented at the IAAP Congress in Vienna in 2019.

Thomas Gitz-Johansen

Thomas Gitz-Johansen introduces his paper, 'Jung and the Spirit: a review of Jung’s discussions of the phenomenon of spirit’, which will be published in the September 2020 issue of the JAP.