Step by step guide to submitting an article

This guide aims to make the process of submitting an article as simple as possible.

We use a submissions software called ScholarOne, which keeps track of your paper through every step of the process and also allows you to know what is happening with your paper.

When you click on the link opposite you will be taken to Wiley, the publisher of the Journal's, ScholarOne site. If you have not done so before you will need to log on to their site, setting up a password and giving some basic information about yourself, including your areas of interest. As a Journal, and in line with Wiley, we want to foster our authors and offer you every help we can along the way, both for this submission and any future papers you may write.

What you will need when you submit your article:

1. The paper itself, including a title.

2. An abstract for the paper, which gives an outline of the contents of the whole paper (this is different from an introduction to the paper).

3. A list of 6-8 keywords, which identify the main themes of the paper and allow others to search for papers by their themes.

4. An anonymised version of your paper; in other words, a copy of your paper where you have erased or omitted reference to yourself or your previous work.

This is because, if we decide a paper meets the basic criteria for us to consider it for publication, we send an anonymised copy of the paper to two reviewers who have some expertise in this particular area. In this way, a paper can be judged on its merit, rather than the reputation or connections of the author.

5. A separate file of images, if your paper includes images or figures.

6. A unique identifying ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) number. This is to avoid confusion of authors with similar names and to help promote your work later on. [This may take a little while to set up - abut 15 minutes or so - but you will only have to do it once!]

7. Information and email addresses for any co-authors, so that they can also be kept informed of the paper's progress.

8. Permission to use any clinical material that is included in your paper from the person or people concerned (you will need to confirm that you have permission at this stage).

9. There is an option to add a covering letter to accompany your submission, to explain and help us understand anything you feel we may need to know.

If you need help at any stage, contact us on:


Step by Step guide

1. Log in to the Wiley site

2. Click on the 'Author' option on the bar across the top of the page

3. Click 'Start New Submission' on the Author Dashboard list on the left of the page

4. There is an option to consult the 'Guidelines of Publishing Ethics', do so if you would like

5. Click 'Begin Submission'

6. Follow step-by-step guide on the website.


Note you can click the 'Save' button at any point and any information you have entered will be saved; you can the return to this point at some convenient time in the future.

Links you will need or that might be helpful:

Submit your paper here (through ScholarOne)

Get a unique identifying ORCID number here

Watch a YouTube tutorial on completing the process